do you ever feel like sitting out on a porch or a roof right after dusk with a few people and some drinks and you’d all bullshit around at first and then get to talking about things you remember and things that make you ache and things that give you hope and then you wouldn’t talk about anything at all except these people aren’t your best friends but you feel like they could be if this happened but you have no idea how to get to this point from where you are with them right now

surprise! when you see me looking in your direction at the gym, it’s not because I find you attractive, but because I want to lift weights but there’s no room to do so and you’ve been there forever so I’m waiting for you to leave


Billy Bragg & Wilco!

there’s nothing quite like walking into the Gap and realizing that the attractive greeter is the exact same person (you thought) your brain created for that dream you had last night in which you got hot and heavy with a random dark-haired stranger

if I have to care about one more person on this planet I am going to shoot myself into space

I find this sound so ominous / stressful / anxiety-inducing. Same with white noise and the sound of fans.

Huh…I also find it ominous but calming for that same reason. I can see white noise and fans inducing anxiety, though - that kind of drony-but-not-smooth sound would get to me, too, after a while. I really don’t like the sound of sirens (ambulances, fire trucks, etc.). They make me feel panicked, but I guess that’s probably the idea.

one of my favorite sounds

Sloths are just coconuts with a soul.

trying to draw people you know for the first time in a more animated fashion is unbelievably humiliating because you’re going and going and it looks ok but then you try to get the mouth right and it’s like ew ewEWEWW THAT’S NOT THEIR MOUTH MAYDAY THIS IS SUDDENLY VERY UGLY AND I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL