Virtue and I met in the park and 

held hands in the grass

while she cooed to me soft, fluttering words

and giggled as she stroked my hair

and when it was time to go

she kissed my cheek and told me 

to think of her

and I did

until I went home to her sister


patiently awaiting my return

like a cat awaits the perfect moment

to snatch a goldfish in its claws

and all I can remember

is the mischievous, microscopic flick of her eyebrow

as she unsheathed her machete

and drove it into my chest

and in the morning I ached

a deep and shamefully glorious ache

but how could I tell poor Virtue

that I’d fallen in love with the way

her sister tore me open

and burned me alive?



Will Do - TV On the Radio


This old mountain, it’s been waiting
All its life for you to work it
For your hand to touch its hard rock
Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman

nothing like getting introspective and moody before you’re supposed to go hang out with someone


when you share your evil schemes with your friends


Ridiculous coworker:Hey! Did you see the moon last night?
Me:Yeah, it was gorgeous!
Ridiculous coworker:Yeah it was up in the sky!
Me:Well that's good, that's where it usually is!
"whoa mom ok let’s talk about this"

"whoa mom ok let’s talk about this"

if you think that the silent treatment is an effective way of communicating your upset feelings with someone then you are essentially 12 years old and you need divine intervention

Anonymous said: All right... sooooo when do we begin?

you can start whenever you want but I won’t be joining you for a while because it’s still the middle of the day where I am and I still have to swim and finish this comic I’ve been working on. but yeah, go for it - the more journals the more fun! (unless this isn’t about the journal post and is instead about something else, in which case…”now is the right time,” according to the Lotus Sutra)

drinking game: keep a journal every year and then read parts of the old journals that pertain to your current life events and take a shot every time you encounter irony