it would be nice if there was a little decision-making gnome that you could share your issues with before going to sleep and overnight it would formulate the best course of action for you and tell it to you in the morning but that’s not going to happen so all we can do is make choices and hope for the best

distance yourself from the damaged

lest they force you to confront your own humanity

and remind you of your broken parts

flimsily held together by scotch tape

because that was all you could find before work one morning

it makes me sad to think about how motivated I used to be when I was little compared to my level of motivation now

like I remember being 10 and just starting to write this story and I was thinking about how I wanted the illustrations to be done and I remembered this one story in a Highlights for Kids magazine that had really cool illustrations so I wanted to contact that artist and get him to do my story but that specific issue of Highlights was from several months prior so we’d already thrown it out but I remembered that they kept old ones at the public library for a while so I went to the library and found the magazine and the story with the cool illustrator and I wrote his name down so I could look him up on the internet later and talk to him about the illustrations once I finished writing the story.

10 years later, it takes me an hour to work up the energy to get a GLASS OF WATER and I know it sounds funny but it just really makes me want to punch myself

Virtue and I met in the park and 

held hands in the grass

while she cooed to me soft, fluttering words

and giggled as she stroked my hair

and when it was time to go

she kissed my cheek and told me 

to think of her

and I did

until I went home to her sister


patiently awaiting my return

like a cat awaits the perfect moment

to snatch a goldfish in its claws

and all I can remember

is the mischievous, microscopic flick of her eyebrow

as she unsheathed her machete

and drove it into my chest

and in the morning I ached

a deep and shamefully glorious ache

but how could I tell poor Virtue

that I’d fallen in love with the way

her sister tore me open

and burned me alive?



Will Do - TV On the Radio


This old mountain, it’s been waiting
All its life for you to work it
For your hand to touch its hard rock
Ingrid Bergman, Ingrid Bergman

nothing like getting introspective and moody before you’re supposed to go hang out with someone


when you share your evil schemes with your friends


Ridiculous coworker:Hey! Did you see the moon last night?
Me:Yeah, it was gorgeous!
Ridiculous coworker:Yeah it was up in the sky!
Me:Well that's good, that's where it usually is!
"whoa mom ok let’s talk about this"

"whoa mom ok let’s talk about this"